I spent most of my working life in the computer industry which provided a comfortable living but diminishing personal fulfillment. Then several years ago my wife had homeopathic treatment for a health crisis which conventional medicine was unable to address. I was amazed by that treatment’s positive healing results, its immediacy, and the absence of side effects. Intrigued, I plunged into learning about homeopathy.

I was excited to discover that homeopathy was what I believed a healing art should be.  I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life learning and practicing that art.  Pursuing this new professional path I enrolled in the nearby Homeopathic Academy of Southern California in Carlsbad, California.

During my course work and internship I discovered that in addition to my passion for homeopathy I also thankfully had a talent for it. I entered full-time practice in 2011.

I live in Oceanside, CA with my wife Deborah, an author, blogger, and astrologer, and our most special Cattle Dog in the world, Eli

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