Drop-in-bottleWhat is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy effectively treats a wide variety of health disorders including injury, acute, and chronic conditions. Homeopathy offers a tested system of natural therapeutics to alleviate pain of injuries and to relieve symptoms of disease and their underlying causes so that the body can naturally heal itself. The homeopath uses minute doses of substances drawn from nature and made into remedies which do not cause side effects or aggravate other disease conditions.

Homeopathy was developed over 200 years ago by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, as an effective alternative to the practice of medicine. Hahnemann was frustrated that the medical practices available to him at that time –such as bloodletting— were often more injurious than helpful.

What initially brought homeopathy to the public’s attention was its demonstrated effectiveness in treating deadly diseases, most notably the cholera epidemic that hit Germany in 1831 when conventional medicine was powerless to treat it. This success at treating deadly diseases was long before the advent of antibiotics.

In homeopathy symptoms are the language of disease – and this may include a greater range of symptoms than conventional medicine takes into consideration. In taking a case homeopaths act much like reporters going after a story. They take a full medical history and then track down various symptoms – some of which may not seem to the client to be related to the problem.

Homeopaths search out the symptoms that most characteristically describe the underlying cause or nature of a client’s ailment and then match that pattern of symptoms to that of a known remedy. When that match is identified the client experiences is a relief of symptoms while their body heals or repairs itself. The length of time that someone may remain on a remedy is a function of how long it takes to naturally repair or reset whatever damage may have been caused by the injury or ailment.

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What can homeopathy treat?

When you grasp the “law of similars”, homeopathy opens up to be this immensely practical tool for the maintenance and restoration of health. Consequently, homeopathic therapeutics can potentially aid or speed recovery in a large number of health disorders. Homeopathy is ineffective however when our bodies are inherently incapable of regenerating or repairing certain types of tissue damage; lost lung tissue due to emphysema for example.

How long a client remains on a particular remedy is a function of how long it takes their body to heal or repair whatever damage may have occurred or to reset a particular neurotransmitter or hormonal mechanism.

Following is a list that includes but is not limited to illnesses or disorders that homeopathy has successfully treated.




Anxiety, panic attacks, performance anxiety




Chronic fatigue

Chronic diseases

Childhood behavior problems


Cognitive disorders




Dental pain and infections





Headaches, migraines


Injuries, contusions, broken bones

Irritable bowel syndrome

Liver disorders


Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle cramps

Nose bleeds

Pain relief

Pink eye


Rheumatoid arthritis

Spinal disc pain

Surgery and recovery


Ulcerative colitis

Urinary tract infections

Weekend warrior

Whooping cough

Yeast infections


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